How can I safely store chemicals and abrasive fluids?

By Larry King, The IFH Group

Storage and dispensing of chemicals and abrasive fluids such as Heat Transfer Fluid, Rust inhibitors, Ethylene Glycol, Glygoyle 30 and Anti-Freeze can be a problem for the lube room maintenance engineer. How to do it safely and efficiently?

One solution is a Special Product Package designed for applications involving chemicals and abrasive fluids that require special handling. Designed by the IFH Group, the standard PVC sight gauge on the front of the steel containers is replaced with a Glass Sight Gauge equipped with ball check fittings at both ends. Underneath the containers are 3/4″ NPT fittings and Flex Steel Hose for resistance to fluids that may damage the PVC hose on standard IFH systems.

The Special Product Package can be supplied with new IFH fluid storage and dispensing systems or as a retrofit to existing systems. The engineering time involved in the customization process is completely cost free. No extra charges are incurred for special designs, only for additional special equipment.

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How do I deal with dusty conditions in my lube room?

By Ben Wolf, The IFH Group

One comment we hear is “Our plant is very dusty. The oil storage and dispensing system has a vent in every container and dust is going to contaminate the oil.”

Dusty conditions should certainly be considered carefully. The standard vents have a coarse screen that keeps large items from entering the containers, but for filtering the air that is drawn into the containers, a desiccant air breather should be considered. The IFH Group can supply these with a new system or they can easily be retrofitted. The desiccant breather not only filters the air being drawn into the container, but it also removes moisture from the air that will go into the container. This is particularly useful in damp or humid conditions.

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