Why use aluminized steel for your hydraulic reservoirs?

Selecting the right material is critical. Most hydraulic reservoirs are manufactured from steel, stainless steel or aluminum. But, another option is aluminized steel.
IFH-330expansion-300x216The use of aluminized steel (sheet steel hot dip coated on both sides with an aluminum-silicon alloy) solves the contamination problems inherent in uncoated steels. It combines the corrosion resistance of aluminum with the structural strength (and lower cost) of steel. Aluminized steel is price-competitive with hot or cold rolled steel.

Reservoirs made of aluminized steel can help prevent corrosion from nearly any external influence. Aluminized steel reservoirs are compatible with nearly all petroleum-based and synthetic fluids.

The IFH Group has pioneered the use of aluminized steel in hydraulic oil reservoirs and fuel tanks for off-road and specialty vehicles used in agricultural, construction, utility and a range of other rugged off-highway applications. Depending on the application, environment and size of the reservoir, the use of aluminized steel can be a viable design option.

IFH has expanded its non-ferrous production capacity for applications that require custom aluminum fabrications.

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