Can filters be added to my lubrication storage and dispensing system?

by Ben Wolf, The IFH Group

Filters are a great addition to a lubrication storage and dispensing system. We would like to think that oil from a supplier’s drum would be free of contaminants, but this is often not the case. The contaminants that do get into the drum are carried into the dispensing system and then into your equipment. Clean oil is what we are looking to put into our equipment when we change it. There are a few ways to filter oil:

1. Quick connect filter adapters can be added to most existing and operating IFH Group systems. These simply filter the oil as it is transferred into the 65 gallon containers on the rack. They are quick and easy to install, and are an economical way to add filtering to an existing system.

2. Our diverter valve systems provide optimal contamination avoidance. Each container gets its own filter and transfer unit, so there is never cross contamination. The lubricant can be filtered when filling the 65 gallon container, when dispensing, and can even be recycled while in the container continuously through the filter to achieve additional contaminant removal.

3. An IFH lubrication cart can be used to transfer oil from the storage system to equipment. The cart can incorporate a filter so that oil is filtered a final time before being delivered to equipment.

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