Precision Fabrication


The IFH Group West’s manufacturing operation is based on precision sheet metal fabrication capabilities, augmented by value-added assembly and engineering support. A key characteristic of The IFH Group West is a strong ability and desire to help our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) customers with optimizing their product designs for lowest manufacturing cost while meeting design objectives.

The products we make range from simple panels and chassis to large cabinets housing complex systems. From a volume perspective we work with low-volume prototype requirements up to full-scale, high-volume production requirements for national and international OEMs.

In addition to our production and engineering capabilities, we also offer integrated vendor managed inventory programs which will deliver product direct to our customer’s production floors while avoiding delivery interruptions often associated with traditional discrete purchase orders.

Production Facility

The IFH Group West operates in the heart of the Pacific Northwest from an 88,000 sq. ft. facility 35 miles north of Seattle.

Quality System

From material handling equipment to robotic forming and bending, the company has optimized its production process in order to minimize lead-time. The IFH Group West is UL508A certified and qualified to ISO 9001:2015.  We observe well defined business practices, both in manufacturing and in engineering. Consistency in performance is our goal, both in product quality and in how we conduct business. Our customers need to know what they can expect of us, hence our Quality Goal of “Leading the Industry in Consistent Quality and Customer Satisfaction,” with a focus toward continuous improvement.

Lean Manufacturing

During the early 1990s it became apparent that the traditional manufacturing paradigm of maintaining sizeable inventories to ensure short lead times was no longer cost effective. The IFH Group West stripped out the shelving that had held excessive Work in Process and adopted a Just-in-Time work flow. As the concept progressed and evolved, it embraced all aspects of the business, and led to the Lean Manufacturing environment that we know today. All our employees are trained in Lean concepts, and a tour through our facility will give you a vivid acquaintance with its practice.