Enclosures and Kiosks – Design Engineering

In a competitive environment, time-to-market is key to your product development success.  In the project schedule, the mechanical packaging often appears later on the time line, and first pass success of prototypes is critical to meeting that final milestone.  A tightly coupled linkage of mechanical design and prototyping speeds this process considerably.





What We Do

For customers planning on having The IFH Group West manufacture the sheet metal portion of their product, our Design Engineering group offers these services:

  • Collaboration with you in development of the concept based on your requirements
  • Advice on industry standards (UL, NEBS, GR-487, etc.)
  • Generation of a Solidworks model and Bill of Material for review and approval
  • Cost estimates for prototyping and production
  • Project management through prototyping and transition into production

How We Do It

  • We recognize that time-to-market is key.  First pass success removes the need for time-consuming iterations.
  • The cost reduction activity should happen in the initial design, not after production begins.
  • Instant feedback from the shop ensures the most manufacturable design.
  • Close-coupled communication with you via e-drawings and e-meetings.


Many of these project examples were designed by us to meet our customers’ requirements.   Project Gallery