Enclosures and Kiosks – Manufacturing Engineering

Our Manufacturing Engineering team performs several functions:

  • Advising customers’ engineers on achieving the most successful, least cost design of the sheet metal portion of their product.
  • Providing quotes.
  • Establishing the manufacturing methods and tooling for each part and assembly.
  • Programming the computer controlled manufacturing equipment.
  • Supporting the prototyping of new designs and transitioning them into production.
  • Maintaining the configuration databases.

We can import models and drawings generated in almost any CAD format, as well as working from paper drawings and bills of material.





CAD Software

  • Solidworks 2016
  • Lantek Expert 2015 v35

Supported File Types

  • SolidWorks Files (*.sldprt, *.sldasm, *slddrw)
  • Part Files (*.prt, *.sldprt)
  • Assembly Files (*.asm, *.sldasm)
  • Drawing Files (*.drw, *.slddrw)
  • DXF (*.dxf), DWG (*.dwg)
  • Lib Feat Part (*.lfp, *sldlfp)
  • Template (*.prtdot, *.asmdot, *.drwdot)
  • Parasolid (*.x_t, *.x_b, *.smt_txt, *xmt_bin)
  • IGES (*.igs, *.iges)
  • STEP AP203/214 (*.step, *.stp)
  • ACIS (*.sat)
  • VDAFS (*.vda)
  • VRML (*.wrl)
  • STL (*.stl)
  • Catia Graphics (*.cgr)
  • ProEngineer Part (*.prt, *.prt.*, *.xpr)
  • ProEngineer Assembly (*.asm, *.asm.*, *.xas)
  • UGII (*.prt)
  • Autodesk Inventor Part (*.ipt)
  • Autodesk Assembly (*.iam)
  • Solid Edge Part (*.par, *.psm)
  • Solid Edge Assembly (*.asm)
  • CADKEY (*.prt, *.ckd)
  • IDF (*.emn, *.brd, *.bdf, *idb)