Custom Cart Gallery

Do I Need a Custom Fluid Handling Cart?

We not only offer 2 and 4-wheeled Lubrication Carts, but can also design a Custom Lubrication Setup to meet your specific needs. We can design a lubrication pallet with fork pockets that can be lifted with a fork truck onto a flatbed trailer or into a truck bed, or we can design a Lubrication Pallet and mount it onto a drivable Cushman Cart.

IFH Group mobile fluid handling carts are completely customizable to fit to the exact needs of the end user.  The end user specifies the product(s) to be stored and in what volume the product(s) will be stored, and The IFH Group, Inc. designs a cart around the end user’s needs, with anything from pump and reel kits, to filtration, specialized casters, tow hitches, electric powered, metering, grease storage, safety beacons, tool storage boxes, and more.



  • 65-gallon container
  • Air piston pump
  • 50 foot product reel with meter
  • 50 foot air reel



  • 30-gallon container
  • DC transfer unit
  • 25 foot product reel with meter
  • Cord reel
  • Battery charger



  • Three 30-gallon containers
  • 25 foot product hose reel on-off control handle
  • Air diaphragm pumps


  • One 65-gallon & two 30-gallon steel containers
  • Six 15-gallon polyethylene containers
  • Air-operated diaphragm pumps
  • 50 foot reels
  • Trailer hitch


65-gallon mobile lubrication cart with electric transfer unit.