Why IFH? Industrial Fluid Handling Solutions

Fluid-StorageSystem-HomeCompanies today are concentrating more and more on improving the efficiency of their operations by looking into areas once thought unimportant and irrelevant to the problems they faced.  One of the major areas of concentration today is that of Industrial Fluid Storage and Handling.

55 Gallon Drums: The Antiquated Way

Most companies design their fluid storage and handling areas around the typical fluid storage vessel; the 55-gallon drum.  Large amounts of money gets invested in drum pumps, containment cradles, drum racking, drum handling fork lifts, and many other products designed to work with 55-gallon drums.

IFH Storage & Dispensing System: The Better Way

There is, however, an alternative solution to Industrial Fluid Storage and Handling issues that will eliminate the cost of wasted space, time, labor, fluids, and unnecessary equipment purchases.  The IFH Group, Inc. in Rock Falls, Illinois, has been developing centralized, streamlined fluid storage and dispensing systems and mobile lubrication carts for almost four decades now, and these have been proven to provide solutions to virtually all of the fluid handling problems manufacturing companies face today.

For example, nine 55-gallon drums (495 total gallons) take up approximately 120 square feet of floor space, whereas a nine-container Fluid Storage and Dispensing System (585 total gallons) takes up a total of only 19 square feet, for a savings of 101 square feet of valuable commercial floor space.

The IFH Fluid Storage and Dispensing System stores product close to the work area, cutting handling costs up to 80%.  Ease of product flow cuts retrieval time up to 50-70% over drums or pumps.  There is no drum tipping, pump cleaning or switching, and no major pump replacement costs.  Users save money while saving time and space.

21 Standard IFH Systems

These fluid storage & dispensing systems are available in 21 standard models and come equipped with stationary 65-gallon powder-coated mild steel or stainless steel containers that remain permanently on the systems’ racking structure, and each container has a highly visible liquid level sight gauge to allow for constant inventory control, eliminating shortages or overstocked product.

The 65-gallon capacity of each container allows for a 55-gallon drum to be transferred into a container on the System well before the product is gone.  From the smallest application to the largest, the System provides clean and efficient transfer of product, and drip pans and containment pans to catch any accidental spills that would normally take time and effort to clean.  The end result is a clean, safe storage area with reduced cleanup labor and less money spent.

Multiple Benefits

The System’s benefits are many.  Each 65-gallon container comes standard with a screened elbow vent to allow for ease of product flow and prevent major contamination.  The vents are also easily upgradeable to desiccant breathers to further eliminate in-tank contamination from moisture and particulate.  Quick Coupling Filter Assemblies are also available to filter product as it is transferred from a 55-gallon drum into one of the System containers.

All dispensing faucets and containers come standard with placards that are clearly marked with product names, which drastically reduces the chance of the wrong product being used.  The positive displacement, self priming pumping system saves time and clears all lines of product, except for a light film, making cleanup after transferring a drum of fluid up into the system quick and easy.  The timer controlled shutoff on the pumping system allows operators to set up the fluid to transfer into a system container and then go on to perform other productive tasks while the pumping system does its job.

Self closing faucets assure no mess or waste when dispensing fluids from the IFH System, and heavy gauge racking provides safety and years of dependable service.  The racking for IFH Systems is also completely expandable, allowing the system to grow with the company over time.  Each IFH System also comes with a 5 year limited warranty, which means little to no out of pocket repair costs except for normal wear and tear.

Custom Solutions, Too

The IFH Group also recognizes the importance of providing customized designs to meet each customer’s specific needs, to assure that all customers get the system that will work for their company’s application, and that the engineering time involved in the customization process is completely cost free.  No extra charges are incurred for special designs, only for additional special equipment.

“Value added” is a term taken seriously at The IFH Group.  This means providing the complete package, not just a base model, to the customer.  IFH can provide hose reels, air pumps, meters, fire safety kits, filtration, and any other special equipment a company needs to feel their system is complete.  Whatever a customer’s needs are, IFH Group engineers will meet those needs.

For even more versatility, customers can combine the efficiency of an IFH Fluid Storage and Dispensing System with the portability of an IFH Fluid Handling Cart.  All carts provide efficient, safe and productive portable fluid handling right at the point of need.  If a company uses one or even a few fluids in several locations around their facility, an IFH Fluid Handling Cart is the answer.  Carts are available with hand, air, and electric pumping systems, filtration, reels, tow hitches, lifting eyes for cranes, and many other options.  IFH also offers lubrication pallets with fork pockets that can be designed to mount directly to any electric vehicle bed, or be placed into a standard truck bed.

IFH Fluid Handling Carts take the weight and bulk of oils, cans, funnels and tools off the backs of the worker and put it onto durable, wheeled Cart Bases, each of which is a full length and width drip pan.  When IFH Fluid Handling Carts are used in combination with IFH centralized Fluid Storage and Dispensing Systems, the transfer of fluids to on-site machinery is truly state-of-the-art.

Applications are virtually limitless: Aerospace Industry, Automotive Products Manufacturing, Breweries, Chemical Manufacturing, Food Products Manufacturing, Healthcare Products Manufacturing, Paper Products Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Products Manufacturing, Rubber Products Manufacturing, and Wood, Pulp, and Paper Manufacturing.

For further information contact us at info@ifhgroup.com or at 800-435-7003.