Mobile Lubrication Cart 3060


The IFH 3060 Mobile Lubrication Cart (fluid handling cart) can hold 6 separate products, each in 15 gallon polyethylene containers with molded in gallonage markers, 5″ flip lid fill caps, permanent suction tubes and outlet fittings. The cart comes complete with a 3/4″ reversible air operated diaphragm pumping system with filter-regulator-lubricator, air shut-off valve, 10´ product dispensing hose with on/off control handle, full drip pan base with drain, push bar handle and 8″ mold on rubber casters.


  • Containers hold 15 gallons each
  • Eliminate multiple trips to the same lube site – handle much more with a single trip
  • No spills as the cart base is one big drip pan
  • Cart comes with an air-operated pumping system
  • Rugged construction, high load bearing wheels, built to last
  • Tight turning radius – very maneuverable
  • Storage space for oil cans, rags, grease guns, wrenches, etc.


  • Number of containers: 6
  • Size of containers: 15 gallons
  • Pump: 3/4″ air-diaphragm (two-way operation)
  • Dispensing Hose: 10´ with control handle
  • Suction Hose: 8´ with wand
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