Custom Fuel Tanks

tanks and reservoirsFuel Tanks for Off-Road Equipment

The benefits of choosing The IFH Group for your fuel tank needs are endless. We offer an engineering staff dedicated to working for you to manufacture a fuel tank that not only meets your needs but also is designed with manufacturing in mind. We offer a streamlined production process that will assure you get the best value for your fuel tank investment. We offer value added services that allow you to receive a fuel tank complete with all additional equipment you would normally have to add at your location prior to calling it a “Finished Product”. We can include all level indicators, straps, filters, strainers, and any other components you require.

Whatever Fuel Tank You Need, IFH Has the Solution

• We can manufacture everything from a simple two-part tank strap to fuel tanks with as many parts as needed by the end user.
• We provide fuel tanks with capacities ranging from 1 to more than 300 gallons.
• IFH maintains a complete engineering department to assist you in developing the most economical and practical fuel tank design for your application.

Benefits of Aluminized Steel For Fuel Tanks

IFH pioneered the use of aluminized steel (sheet steel hot dip coated on both sides with an aluminum-silicon alloy) to solve the contamination problems inherent in uncoated steels. It combines the corrosion resistance of aluminum with the structural strength (and lower cost) of steel.

  • Our aluminized fuel tanks are resistant to virtually all petroleum-based and synthetic fluids while providing excellent protection from atmospheric corrosion.
  • These tanks can be readily welded using resistance, MIG, or TIG processes, and can be formed using normal methods, with no peeling or flaking of the coating.
  • Provides an attractive satin finish that can be easily painted once the surface has been properly cleaned and repaired.
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Compatible with virtually all petroleum-based and synthetic fluids.
  • Fuel tanks can be designed and manufactured to very low initial contamination levels.