Custom Engineering


Our capabilities in manufacturing far exceed the scope of hydraulic and fuel tanks, and that is evident when you take a look at the many other products we fabricate for our customers; from framework for vehicles, to large Poly grease tank units for restaurants, we have the ability to fabricate just about anything you may need.

Let our full time engineering staff know what you need, and they will let you know if we can produce it.  We will be happy to draw up a formal quotation for you with a piece price, quantity discount, and expected lead-time for production.

The more we can do for you, the fewer vendors you have to purchase from; making your business run smoother and more efficient than ever before, and giving us the opportunity to grow our business and broaden our spectrum.

Through teamwork, dedication to service, and an employee base that cares for every customer as if they are the only customer, our IFH Team is dedicated to making you happy and keeping you satisfied on a consistent basis.