State of the Art Equipment

The IFH Group maintains an extensive ISO:9001 Certified manufacturing facility for fabrication of tanks, reservoirs, frames, cranes, trailers, vehicle chassis and virtually any kind of fabricated metal assembly desired.

The IFH Group utilizes the latest in manufacturing technology, test equipment, measurement analysis and assembly equipment, combined with advanced engineering and information management software to provide innovation, service and value to all of our customers.

Equipment/Asset List

  • (2) Mazak 4000 Watt Optiplex Laser System (fastest on the market), 5 X 10 bed with Radan and Lanteck Technology for True Shape Nesting, and Scheduling Functions.
    • Cuts up to 1” Plate Mild Steel
    • Material Handling Opto Path Type 4 FMS (only two of these systems in the United States). This FMS picks up cut parts out of the skeleton and sorts the cut parts. It then grabs the skeleton and drops in its own scrap bin. Allows true lights out operation.
  • (1) CNC Shear up to .25” plate
  • (1) Roselle 60 Ton Punch Press 18.125” X 60” Bed
  • (1) Drake 250 Ton Punch Press 48” X 96” Bed
  • (1) Torque Pak 60 Ton Punch Press 38.5” X 38.5” Bed
  • (3) Kick Presses from 15 Ton to 45 Ton
  • (2) Whitney Press Brakes 6 Axis – 125 Ton – 122” Wide – CNC Crowning – Delem Controller 3D Visualization at Press – 3D Offline Programming
  • (1) Guifil CNC Brake Press 70 Ton 80”
  • (1) Davi Fully Automated Plate Roll, 48” Max Width
  • (1) Montgomery Plate Roll, 49” Max Width
  • (1) Radius Form Press for 2”, 2.5”, and 3” Radius, 70” Max Width
  • (2) Spot Welders from 75 KVA to 200 KVA
  • (2) Longitudinal Continuous Resistance Welders up to 60” Long
  • (3) Rotational Resistance Welders
  • (3) OTC Daihen Robotic Weld Cells
    • Almega AX-V4AP with 720 degree head spin
    • 400 amp welding power supply
    • Dual Station servo controlled head stock/tail stock control equipment with syncro motion, touch sense, and seam tracking technologies.
  • (1) OTC Daihen Robotic Weld Cells
    • Aluminum Set Up can Switch to Steel
    • Almega AX-V6L with laser tracking
    • 500 amp welding power supply
    • Dual Station servo controlled head stock/tail stock control equipment with syncro motion, touch sense, and seam tracking technologies.
  • (38) Mig Welders from 200 Amp to 600 Amp Three Phase, pulse and aluminum conversion all-in-one. Miller and Daihen
  • (12) Mig/Tig Welders
  • (12) 360 Degree ¼ Ton Jib Crane
  • (8) 190 Degree ¼ Ton Jib Crane
  • (1) 5 Ton overhead crane
  • (2) 100’ ¼ ton bridge cranes each with three bridges within
  • (1) Powder Coat Conveyor In Line
    • (1) Powder Coat Booths
    • (3) Wagner Lean Manufacturing Powder Guns
    • (2) Wet Spray Booths
    • 5-Stage Wash
  • (1) Powder Coat Batch System
    • 8’H X 8’T X 25’ Long Capability
    • Phosphate wash system
    • Batch Powder Booth
    • Cure Oven
    • All In its own building on site
  • (2) Gardner Denver Shop Air Compressor with Two Back Up Compressors
  • (1) Stretch Wrapping Machines
  • (1) Foam Packing Machine
  • (1) Ridge-u-Rak or Push Back Pallet Racking for Finished Goods holds up to 114 pallets. 190 pallet locations available.
  • (1) 10,000 Pound Forklift
  • (4) 5,000 Pound Forklift

Testing / Inspection Equipment

  • Discrete Quality Control Staff
  • Leak Proof Testing Machines
  • Incoming and Outgoing Inspections
  • Stinger II portable CMM arm 6 feet long.
    • Reverse engineering software
    • Fully portable
  • Optic Eye To Inspect Cleanliness or Anything Else On the Interior of Product
  • Gravimetric Testing in-house capabilities
  • Laser Particle Analysis with RS232 Upload and Downloading for Quality Reports
  • Thread Plug Gauges
  • Micrometers, Calipers, and misc. Gauges
  • Paint Adhesion/Mil Thickness Measurement Capabilities
  • Data Pak for Proper Powder Coat Curing

Assembly Capabilities

  • Small Parts Assembly (SPA)
    • Machinist Floor Drill, Chop Saw, Three 250 amp Mig Welders, Tig welder, Leak Test Tank, 15 Ton Kick Press, 45 Ton Punch Press, Stamping, and Assembly
  • Large Assembly Cells for Larger Assembly Work
  • Clean and Prep Department for Cleaning, Packaging, Value Added Additions to Product
    • Department is fully equipped with small and large tools for any job
  • Clean Room for Assembly of Vital Hydraulics
  • Tank Flushing Systems for ZERO PPM


  • Trucks and Trailers for Delivery
  • Full Self Sufficient Maintenance Shop
  • 126,000 Square Foot Building with Dock Height Trailer Doors and Drive in Bays For Semi and Trailers

Office Support

  • Engineering
    • Full engineering support for new designs, re-designs, ideas, or questions.
    • Solid Works and Auto Cad
    • Solid Works Flow Simulation – Determine hot/cold spots in tanks, velocity of fluids, to assist in a better performing tank.
    • Solid Works Inspection for streamlining PPAP’s and internal inspection reporting
    • Radan 3-D with unfolding.
    • Lantech Programming Software
  • Office
    • Department staffing includes Payroll, Accounting, Payables, Purchasing, Customer Service, Sales, Billing, and Administration.
    • Real-time bar code data collection for Job Order Costs, Quantities, and Labor Times.
    • EDI capabilities.
    • Nationwide Dealer and Sales Representative Network.
    • Full electronic banking
    • Automated in-house Human Resources function.
    • Fully automated management information system for manufacturing, including Job Order Costing, Bills of Material, Job Order Routings, Purchasing Queue, Full Absorption Cost Accounting, Inventory Control, Payroll Processing, and Accounting.
    • Internal and external dedicated sales professionals.


Mazak Laser Machine


IFH maintains two of these welding stations with 72″ between head and tail stocks


10′ up to 17′ area for large weldments


The IFH Group’s skilled welders use the latest precision welding technology


IFH quality control technician measures a complex tank/weldment assembly using a Portable CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine).  Our CMMs are used in Level IV PPAPs (Production Part Approval Processes), First Articles/Prototypes, and production as necessary.


This tank is coming out of the curing oven at IFH Group.


C&P (clean and preparation for shipment) area at The IFH Group where fabrications go after powder coating.