What makes a world-class lube room world-class?

For a worldwide company like pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly and Co., it is a dedication to excellence in machinery lubrication. Since taking the reins of Eli Lilly’s corporate lubrication technical team, Rendela Wenzel created a lubrication assessment and an end-user guide to assess each manufacturing site’s overall lubrication program performance. The assessment covers seven different sections – storage, handling/dispensing, safety, training, lubrication PMs, oil analysis and recycling.

When reliability and predictive maintenance in general were not improving as quickly as desired, Eli Lilly’s management realized that some areas were better than others in the reliability space and as a result started to integrate these improvements into their business plans.

For storage and handling and dispensing, the company turned to storage and dispending systems from The IFH Group. The IFH Fluid Storage and Dispensing System improves lubricant storage by providing a better way to handle all kinds of oils, lubricants and industrial fluids that is easier, safer, cleaner, and more cost efficient.


One of Eli Lilly’s world-class lube rooms

Written by Warren Byers is the owner of M. W. Byers Co., Carnegie, PA.
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