Why should I spend money on a lube cart when I have drums to store my fluids?

How many trips do your maintenance room employees make to the same 55-gallon drum site for X amount of oil or lubricant? Two? Three? More? And how far do they have to go to where the lubricant is needed? What about trips for oil cans, rags, grease guns, wrenches, etc.? And how much fluid that you’re paying for gets spilled? What about inventory control?  Do you need to store extra product, just in case you run out?  Or have you had to endure downtime because you did run out?  And what about making your employees’ jobs less physically taxing – with less risk of injury and the expense that can entail?  If eliminating all of these time and productivity wasters makes buying a lube cart sound like less of an expense and more of an investment, you can work it out for yourself.  Using a base price of $6,000 for a cart such as the one shown, use the Lube Cart Labor Savings & Investment Payback Worksheet to calculate how much you’d save in what time frame.


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